Better connected organisations perform better.


Innovate and grow with better external connectivity.

Ensure optimum team performance with better internal connectivity.

How connected is your organisation?


"There are so many missed opportunities in my organisation, because the right people either are not finding each other or understanding each other."

Internal connectivity is firstly about ensuring that the people inside your organisation are connected to the right people and information. Once they are connected, it is also critical that they engage effectively and collaboratively, particularly when they bring diverse perspectives to the table.

External Connectivity

"I know my own industry inside out. I feel that our next big opportunities might come from collaborations with people and organisations who think differently to us."

External connectivity means looking for opportunities outside of your organisation and your usual frame of reference. As well as connecting to other organisations with the aim of commercial collaboration, external connectivity is also about connecting to valuable insights and future talent.

Workshop facilitation programme

DOTWORKS’ unique ’train-the-trainer' programme teaches you how to run brilliant workshops within your organisation.
From creating a great agenda aligned to your objectives to the perfect close & next steps, you will learn how to manage energy levels of your group, which tools are most effective for what tasks and how to cope with even the most challenging attendees.
Take the tools and process with you to apply at your organisation. Improve your leadership skills and notice immediate results.

Collaboration Space workshop

Interactive workshops that demonstrate the impact that space and design can have on the collaborative potential of your organisation. Learn how to design your space to complement the specific collaboration needs of your teams and projects. As well as this knowledge, you will take away a set of principles and tools that you can apply within your organisation for immediate and noticeable effect.


Workshops designed around the DOTWORKS 'insights-to-innovation canvas', helping teams to identify, understand and utilise new insights in the creation of innovative business ideas, eye-catching products and valuable new services. Learn how to use the I-to-I canvas to identify opportunities within your organisation.

Inspiration events

Events and experiences that expose you and your team to new people, new sources of inspiration and new ways of thinking. As well as being inspired by new ideas and trends across different industries, you will put them into practice within the context of your own organisation to create new sources of value.

Innovation programmes

Bespoke 6-8 week innovation programmes that take participants on a journey to innovation leadership. Learn tools, techniques and the mindset required to step up your innovation capability. Sense a palpable feeling of excitement and inspiration in your people as they develop and prototype innovations. Recognise and develop real commercial opportunities.


Connectivity is not about a single moment. 

It is a journey.

The Journey of Connectivity

First you must discover the dots you need to connect to. How do you find the dots that you might not have even thought to look for?

Then comes the moment when you actually connect. Where and how can this be achieved most effectively? (for example: online or offline; one-on-one or many-on-many?)

Once connected, the dots must engage to produce a result. Given that they might bring different perspectives and expectations, how can you create the conditions for optimal results?

Finally, once fully engaged, everyone is looking to the outcome of the interaction. How do you ensured that everyone is empowered to act? How do you make sure the great ideas are turned into actions and continues beyond the moment of connection?

We ensure that the journey from discover to act is effective and efficient as possible.

By understanding the nature of your challenge and where it exists on the journey of connectivity we can determine the best way to address it.

See below for common examples.

Here's how other organisations have articulated their challenges:

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